Springtime Lyme

Lately, Chronic Lyme Disease is everywhere.  That’s because it’s spring and a few celebrities have come down with it.  This happens every spring actually and as global warming gets worse more people will come down with this illness and more and more celebrities will become “the new face of Lyme”  the mysterious new illness that some quacks say isn’t new at all.


Chronic Lyme is a case where dormant bacteria basically wakes up.  It wakes up in the warmer weather and rain plays a part as well. As time goes by this will all become apparent and the CDC will be “working hard” on that vaccine.  They know it won’t kill most of us, at least not their key market anyway.

Learn more about Chronic Lyme disease and spirochete dormancy.  It’s also important to know that this disease and these bacteria have no issue passing the BBB and entering your ear, nose, throat, and CNS. A great movie is “Under Our Skin”.


If you are already immuno compromised this could make your treatment more painful and for a longer duration.  If you really love the cold way too much, get tested. Chronic sinus infections? Sore throat? Ear infections? Impetigo?  If these things are way worse in the spring I suggest you consider a Chronic Lyme test. Take note that there are effective treatments for Chronic Lyme disease.

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