There is a psychosis with Lyme, trust me I’m crazzzy

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I don’t know how long I have had Lyme disease. All I know for sure (formal medical documents) is that there is borrelia bacteria in my body! It’s documented. The doctor who asked me if I was bipolar is the one who had to call and tell me!

The worst part about this illness is defending it. Not defeating it.

I spent last summer thinking I was in on some kind of pattern secret code that only special people understood. I told myself not to be cocky about it but God had already confirmed I was right when we were chatting during “Wayne’s World” so I was absolutely certain.

This summer I was terrified because I realized that the three redheads (MC1R homozygous mutants), Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington, had an evil spirochete conspiracy that started in biblical times. This was confirmed for my diseased brain when I read Franklin’s quote “Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.”

“THE TRUMPET HAS THE SNAKE!” – Whispers from my Spirochete-al God

PS.  I have been typing every blog entry without wearing any prescription contacts or glasses.  That is a miracle.

Remember Syphilis?

I’m kinda pissed and hate everyone right now.  Mostly everyone.

The truth is that my illness is in part due to a spirochete infection that is similar to syphilis.  The reality is that I have developed a biofilm in joints of my body that has become a community of bacteria and maybe something else or possibly other things.  

The biofilm that chronic lyme patients have and the reason they have so many issues eradicating it is lack of knowledge and understanding.  


I have to figure out how to get biofilm out of my jonts that have been exhibiting lots of pain.  I guess that would have helped my doctor’s fibromyalgia theory. Too bad it started after I was on my lyme therapy.  I didn’t know I was going to exhibit that symptom until I was getting treatment for my actual problem. lol